eBanking eS2i system

Crédit Agricole Suisse takes the greatest care to ensure maximum security for eBanking. Security is regularly audited by independent organisations.

Security measures are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain appropriate and keep pace with upgrades to the technological environment and the eBanking service.

The eS2i eBanking system implements four security principles:

  • Authentication : The system checks the user’s identity at the log-in stage.
  • Secrecy : The system ensures secrecy for all private data transmissions. The system prevents data alteration during transmission.
  • Confidentiality : The data confidentiality and integrity functions operate during setup of the data tunnel between the customer and the bank.
  • Non-repudiation : The system ensures that neither of the parties to a transaction can subsequently refute it.

  • The system set up by Crédit Agricole Suisse implements strong authentication at two levels: physical (through possession of a digital key) and logical (passwords).

    For security reasons, the eS2i eBanking site disconnects automatically if the user is inactive for a certain period of time. And it will lock up if a user makes successive erroneous attempts to enter a password or PIN code.
  • Once you have accepted the eS2i security certificate, you can communicate in encrypted mode. Make sure the address begins with “https”, indicating a secure connection:

You can also check the certificate by clicking the padlock icon at the top of your browser, alongside the URL.

Click the Details tab and check that the serial number matches the one shown below.


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