Your eBanking platform : eS2i
nouvelleA significant work has been achieved in order to offer you a modern and user-friendly web interface, allowing intuitive access to information.

Including new features suc as : pdf export, display of the historical value of all securities hold in your portfolio, detailed information on the execution of securities transactions as soon as they are processed on the market,...

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eBanking eS2i

eS2i is the eBanking solution for our private clients. This ergonomic platform is fast, secure and offers a large number of banking functions. Behind this tool a team of eCommunication professionals coordinates its development, the services available and the user HelpLine.

Our eS2i eBanking tool relies on an internal IT system that is ISO 9001 certified. It is an integrated tool with a high level of security. An encrypted link between the user and the Bank ensures data confidentiality with the highest security standards.

  • eS2i keeps you informed: you can check the balance and movements of your cash and securities accounts in real time. You can also access statements of account and portfolio valuations, and receive market information from Reuters
  • in addition, eS2i is an analytical tool: it gives you the possibility to assess the detailed performance of your portfolio and positions. Graphic comparisons are available, your portfolio performance and benchmarks can also be consulted, as well as market analysis and comments prepared by our specialists
  • eS2i allows you to carry out operations on your accounts, such as placing stock exchange orders or making internal or external transfers. You can monitor orders in real time, and engage in dialogue with your account manager via the secure messaging service.


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