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Private lenders must adapt to region’s changing needs - Fouad Hamiyeh - Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)EN04.08.2014665 ko    
L’internationalisation de la monnaie chinoise avance à grands pas - Dr. Marie Owens Thomsen - Le Temps (Switzerland)FR28.07.2014217 ko    
Private equity emerges as an 'alternative' asset class - Mathieu Perfetti - The Business Times (Singapore)EN23.07.2014679 ko    
Who's who in Private Banking - Hans Diederen & Sen Sui - The Business Times (Singapore)EN23.07.20143917 ko    
Investment Outlook | Bonds in the Middle East - Christiane Nasr - Al Arabiya TV (Dubai)AR25.06.2014100746 ko    
Getting more comfort around outsourcing - Jean-Claude Favre - Hubbis (Asia)EN01.06.2014605 ko    
全球選舉熱潮 各國政局未明 - Dr. Marie Owens Thomsen - South China Morning Post (Nanzao)CN01.06.2014438 ko    
Future of private equity bolstered by huge market volatility - Olivier Carcy - The Edge SingaporeEN30.05.2014620 ko    
Leveraged buyout loans likely to rise in Asia - Olivier Carcy - The Business Times (Singapore)EN27.05.2014630 ko    
Recommendations for equity investment - Winnie Chiu - HKET Money TimesCN19.05.20142805 ko    
Stop au focus excessif sur les taux de change bilatéraux - Dr. Marie Owens Thomsen - L'Agéfi (Switzerland)FR02.04.201472 ko    
Regulatory constraints drive differentiated IAM service models - Olivier Parriaud - Hubbis (Asia)EN01.04.2014547 ko    
Japan looks compelling again for private equity - Mathieu Perfetti - The Business Times (Singapore) EN26.03.2014463 ko    
China has to restructure its economy in a way that growth doesn’t decline - Dr. Marie Owens Thomsen - China DailyEN24.03.201410505 ko    
Video interview - Macro update - Dr. Marie Owens Thomsen - CNBC Arabiya (UAE)AR12.03.2014214971 ko    


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